On this World AIDS Day, the Nigerian Infectious Diseases Society (NIDS) stands in unity with the global community, emphasizing the imperative for key stakeholders to collaboratively facilitate the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of individuals affected by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Today, we applaud the dedication of frontline healthcare workers, honour the resilience of people living with HIV, and mourn the losses we have endured. The theme for this year, “Let Communities Lead,” serves as a poignant reminder that communities are pivotal in the domestication and implementation of policies and interventions that directly impact them.


Nigeria currently ranks among the top 10 countries globally burdened by HIV infection, necessitating urgent intervention. NIDS calls upon the government and stakeholders to intensify efforts in fostering community partnerships and ownership of interventions to curb the disproportionate impact of the HIV pandemic on Nigeria. This entails prioritizing preventive measures among high-risk individuals and groups, facilitating early detection within communities, and promoting immediate enrolment into HIV care upon receiving a positive diagnosis.


It is crucial to formulate and implement local strategies tailored to address Nigeria’s unique challenges. The government must augment local funding for HIV initiatives, reducing dependency on foreign intervention. Directed funding should support proven interventions channelled through communities. Efforts are needed to eliminate stigma and barriers hindering access to care for people living with HIV. The community, as the cornerstone of HIV programs, deserves unwavering support in eradicating the scourge of HIV.


NIDS underscores the necessity of collaboration with all relevant stakeholders, particularly the community, recognizing its pivotal role in bringing an end to the HIV pandemic. The commitment to this cause remains resolute, with the shared goal of creating a future free from the burden of HIV.


“Nothing about us without us”

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