NIDS Statement on Commemoration of World AIDS Day 2019

NIDS Statement on Commemoration of World AIDS Day 2019

The Nigerian Infectious Disease Society (NIDS) is a multidisciplinary professional society of persons actively engaged or interested in the prevention and control of infectious disease in Nigeria.

As front liners in the war against HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, we daily see the devastation caused by this disease, even as we acknowledge the efforts of government, donor agencies and all other persons and institutions involved in stemming the tide.

The theme of this year’s World AIDS day is ‘Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Community by Community’. Indeed, ‘Communities make the difference’ and are indispensable in the battle against this epidemic. In Nigeria, communities infected and affected by HIV/AIDS have continued to show courage, sacrifice and dedication in the fight against the disease, particularly as they dispel the myths and fight the stigma associated with the disease.

The NIDS is using this opportunity of the 2019 WHO AIDS Day to reiterate her commitment to ending the scourge of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. We encourage everyone to get tested and know their HIV status. HIV infection is no longer a death sentence; with early commencement and regular intake of antiretroviral drugs, those infected are more assured of healthy and productive lives.

The NIDS will continue to work with other community and advocacy groups to spread the word that we can win this fight. For those living with HIV and all other communities and volunteer organizations, you never walk alone.
Together we win!

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